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Originally from the east and west coast of the USA, I have lived in the UK with my husband and three kids for the last twenty years. I love nothing more than to immerse myself into new places and experiences, and I love the way that books allow me to do that, travelling the globe or even back in time with the turn of a page.

Since earning my BA from Wellesley College, I have been a teacher of various ages and abilities as well as a copywriter and a translator. I've had the pleasure of seeing my short stories published in several literary magazines and being named the third-place winner of the London Magazine Short Story Prize 2018. My debut novel, A More Perfect Union, will be published in October with Myriad Editions. 

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"powerful and convincing'

–The Times

"a moving debut novel"

–The Sunday Times


A More Perfect Union

I am pleased to announce the publication of my historical novel, A More Perfect Union.

Inspired by the true story of my great-great grandparents, A More Perfect Union is an exploration of identity, sacrifice, belonging, race and love.

When Henry escapes the Irish famine and sails to America, he doesn’t expect the anti-Irish prejudices that await him. Determined to never starve again, he abandons his Irish surname for a chance at a job and a future. Traveling south he meets Sarah, a slave woman torn from her family and navigating the politics of the new plantation she now calls home. Their attraction is as undeniable as it is fraught. For Sarah, Henry’s white skin represents the oppression she suffers under, while Henry would have to abandon hopes of prosperity with a black woman at his side. Their love proves stronger than their personal hurdles, but is it strong enough to overcome the restrictions of a society who views their union as illegal and immoral? 

A More Perfect Union published 15 October 2020 with Myriad Editions.


My Short Stories

Silver Spoons

Ginosko Literary Journal

Pursuing a Greater Happiness


Confessions of a Reluctant Adulterer

Diverse Voices Quarterly
(pen name Rae King)


Penmen Review

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The Prisoner

The London Magazine


A More Perfect Union is selected for the Jhalak Prize longlist 2021

It is such a honour for my book to be longlisted for this prestigious prize amongst stunning books of poetry, non-fiction and other fiction titles, all being considered for the coveted Book of the Year.
Learn more about the Jhalak prize and check out the other books in the longlist here.

A More Perfect Union is chosen as a BBC Radio 2 Book Club pick

"The Book Club showcases the best brand-new fiction, with an interview between Jo Whiley and the author." –BBC
I'll be talking about A More Perfect Union live on BBC Radio 2 on 2 November at 7:30.

Stylist Magazine names A More Perfect Union one of autumn's must read books and one of October's best new books

"Ambitious, sweeping, unafraid of acknowledging the complexity of the times and guaranteed to leave you welling up, this is storytelling at its finest."

LOVE READING loves A More Perfect Union

Calling it "A heart rending, soul-stirring story...A lucid, bold tale...I cannot recommend this enough." Read the full review.

Publishers schedule A More Perfect Union release for October

Check out the beautiful cover deign and preorder your copy here.

The Bookseller announces acquisition of A More Perfect Union

Myriad Editions' press release generated industry interest. Check out the article form The Bookseller below.

Book Brunch announces Myriad's purchase of A More Perfect Union

Trade publication announces the acquisition of A More Perfect Union by Myriad Editions.

Radio Reverb   97.2 FM
Brighton Book Club

I was pleased to be invited onto Radio Reverb's Brighton Book Club talk show on 97.2 FM for their emerging author segment. Here you'll find my November 2019 interview with Anna Burtt for Brighton Book Club.

"The Prisoner" took third place in The London Magazine Short Story Prize 2018

Here's what the judges had to say:

"The Prisoner stood out in the group for its ability to leap into a time period and history without falling back on familiar narratives and instead presenting us with an erotic story where transgressions are working on several different levels. The story is suspenseful and full of strong, memorable images with the reader immediately griped by the action and risk these characters are in as it shows the different levels of survival, both physical and emotional, at play in their world.”

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.

Toni Morrison



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